Meet Hazel.

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Hazel is 96 years young. As if that isn’t awesome enough as is, she’s a crack up! Also, possibly exercises more than I do at the moment. Ha. I kid, but not really. Hazel. Is HILARIOUS. Loves all things purple. Lives in a great house in Magnolia, where she enjoys a glorious view, tends her fabulous flowerbeds, and just generally causes mischief and mayhem. Okay maybe not mayhem, mischief for sure though and I just like alliterations.

Hazel - 90 Somethings Project - Seattle Portraiture

So lovely to meet you Hazel, thanks for sharing your afternoon with me!

There are now almost two-million Americans age 90 or older. For me this project is about getting to meet amazing people, hear incredible life stories and be small part of documenting those lives/stories. If you have an awesome 90-something in your life I’d love a chance to chat with them!

1 Comment

  1. Kandace
    May 1, 2012

    You captured her beautifully…..just wish we could click on one of her funny stories and hear it again….she is a jem and always sees life with a smile and a twinkle of mischief! Thanks for sharing…..she’ll love them!


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